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Research-Based Options for Education Policymaking - 2016 Collection

The full text of each mini-brief is posted below.

Research-Based Options for Education Policymaking is a collection of mini-briefs that takes up important policy issues and identifies policies supported by research. Each mini-brief focuses on a different issue, and its recommendations for policymakers are based on the latest scholarship. 

At a time of growing national recognition of the need for a policy shift to more successful approaches to school reform, this collection of mini-briefs identifies affirmative, research-based approaches to reform in areas including school choice, portfolio district reform, and teacher deprofessionalization.

Mini-briefs in this series are: Regulating Charter Schools; The Effectiveness of Class Size Reduction; Does Money Matter?; The Purpose of Education: Truing the Balance Wheel; Housing Policy; Five Simple Steps to Reading Policy Research; Reading Qualitative Educational Policy Research; Do Choice Policies Segregate Schools?; The "Portfolio" Approach to School District Governance; Reversing the Deprofessionalization of Teaching; School Accountability, Multiple Measures and Inspectorates in a Post-NCLB World.

The sections can be found individually below, with the series in its entirety at the end.