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NEPC Review: "Plotting School Choice" and "In Need of Improvement" (November 2008)

Two recent reports by Education Sector set out to examine the viability of proposals to revamp the No Child Left Behind choice provisions to allow students in failing schools to choose a school outside of their home school district. The findings of the reports are weakened by foundational assumptions about capacity and competition for space, as well as a failure to present alternatives. Further, the reports do not systematically consider the role of geographic variation, causing a potential underestimation of the impact of inter-district choice for those urban contexts where policy advocates believe it is most necessary. Instead of an analysis based on such definite assumptions, policy makers would be better served by an array of assumptions and analyses, presenting the full scope of potential outcomes.

Suggested Citation:

Holme, J.J. & Richards, M.P. (2008). Review of “Plotting School Choice" and "In Need of Improvement." Boulder and Tempe: Education and the Public Interest Center & Education Policy Research Unit. Retrieved [date] from

Document Reviewed:

"Plotting School Choice" and "In Need of Improvement"

Erin Dillon
Education Sector