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NEPC Review: Unleashing Educational Opportunity: The Untapped Potential of Expanded Tax Credit Scholarships in Pennsylvania (Commonwealth Foundation, August 2020)

The primary goal of the report Unleashing Educational Opportunity: The Untapped Potential of Tax Credit Scholarships in Pennsylvania, is to argue that expanding vouchers or tuition tax credits for private schooling can lead to large economic gains for the state. Such gains would result from two purported benefits: increased lifetime earnings for those attending private schools on vouchers, and reduced social costs associated with crime. These assertions are based on the claim that a vast body of rigorous research shows higher academic achievement among voucher recipients and shows that these voucher recipients are more likely to attend and graduate college and less likely to commit felonies. The report fails to support its thesis and misapplies its findings, and thus is of no practical use to policymakers and others.

Document Reviewed: