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Outcomes for Students With and Without Learning Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms

Publisher: Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 13 (3)
Page Numbers: 153-161

This study examined the academic progress of students with and without learning disabilities (LD) placed full-time in general education classes in Grades 3 to 6 at one elementary school. Through an intensive, yearlong professional development program, general and special education teachers were taught to implement instructional approaches identified from previous research to be effective in general education settings with students who represent a wide range of achievement levels. Results indicated that although most students with LD made considerable gains over the school year, others showed no improvement. Fewer low- and average-achieving students improved than students with LD; virtually all high-achieving students showed growth. Of greatest concern were those students who began the year as very poor readers and as a group made no progress. Full-time placement in the general education classroom (with in-class special education support) did not adequately meet the needs of these students.