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NEPC Review: Think Again: Do Charter Schools Drain Resources From Traditional Public Schools? (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, March 2023)

A Fordham report examines whether charter schools impact traditional public schools' finances and efficiency. The report finds mixed impacts on district finances, but suggests that traditional public schools improve efficiency over time when faced with charter competition. However, the report's claims and policy recommendations are untested empirically and unwarranted based on research. It fails to consider other possible explanations for higher expenditures in a charter environment, and downplays the negative impact of public school closures resulting from competition. While the report identifies relevant studies, its unsupported claims and recommendations limit its usefulness to policymakers.

Suggested Citation: Jabbar, H. (2023). NEPC review: Think again: Do charter schools drain resources from traditional public schools? Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center. Retrieved [date] from

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