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Commercialism in Education Research Unit


The Commercialism in Education Research Unit (CERU) publishes research and analyses on topics related to school commercialism. It is the only national academic research unit dedicated to this topic. CERU is guided by the belief that mixing commercial activities with public education raises fundamental issues of public policy, curriculum content, the proper relationship of educators to the students entrusted to them, and the values that the schools embody. 

CERU publishes an annual report on schoolhouse commercialism, an annual report on the EMO/CMO industry, and a variety of other documents on related topics.

Annual Report:  Education Management Organizations/Charter Management Organizations.  Since 1999 CERU has published an annual report on the education management industry.  These reports provide descriptive statistics that document the size, scope, and structure of the industry.  CERU's annual EMO/CMO reports provide detailed information about each of the schools under management.

Annual Report:  Trends in Schoolhouse Commercialism.  Since 1998 CERU has published an annual report on schoolhouse commercializing trends.  These reports document the nature and scope of commercializing activities in schools, analyze the impact of and response to those activities, and assess their policy implications.  CERU research has resulted in two books: School Commercialism:  From Democratic Ideal to Market Commodity (by Alex Molnar, 2005) and Sold Out: How Marketing in School Threatens Children’s Well-Being and Undermines Their Education (by Alex Molnar and Faith Boninger, 2015).

Other CERU Research and Writing.  From time to time CERU commissions research and analysis of topical interest.

Non-CERU Writing.  Occasionally CERU posts topical material originally published elsewhere.

CERU is co-directed by Alex Molnar and Faith Boninger.

For more information, please contact Alex Molnar or Faith Boninger.

CERU Publications